Claire the Cat video to be featured on

Our mascot, Claire the Cat, is appearing now on a video at  (Editor’s Note:  this site is no longer live.  But Claire was a big hit while she was featured there. Fortunately, you can still see her video on Youtube.

Claire attended almost all of the video shoots for the lesson videos here at  In the featured video,  she will be doing her ‘shake paws’ and ‘lie down’.

Unidentified industry sources have revealed that her main motivation was attention and dried bonito flakes,  rather than a deep love of the ukulele.

Claire also likes to play the piano.

Ukulele eBook ready for trial

We’ve finished writing a rough draft of our eBook: 21 Songs in 6 Days; Learn Ukulele the Easy Way! We hope to have it ready to publish in a few weeks. Stay posted and you may be able to get a copy for free!

Here’s Claire helping Jenny write the book.