Lesson on “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

I am teaching The Lion Sleeps Tonight at school. It is a great song for learning three chords and strum #3. The three chords are C, F and G7. You always play the chords in this order until the song is done. You play each chord for one measure:

C   F   C   G7

Strum #3 works great with this song, because it fits the lyrics: “a-wim-o-weh, a wim-o-weh, a-wim-o-weh, a wim-o-weh.” It’s relatively easy to get that rhythm, because the song is familiar. If not, feel free to use strum #1 (all downs) until you get it. I use red words for the C chord, blue words for the F chord, and green words for the G7 chord. Enjoy!

Grade 5 Spring Sing_4 Grade 5 Spring Sing_8

Here are a couple of videos to help learn this song.

Here is the recording, so you can get the right beat and feel for the song:

Heart and Soul with ukulele tab

Sometimes it’s nice to play the melody of a song on your ukulele instead of strumming the chords and singing the melody.

Click on the sheet music images below to download pdfs that you can print out for the tab of Heart and Soul. The tab beneath the music notes shows you which string and which fret to use to play the melody of Heart and Soul. 

Heart and Soul001Heart and Soul002Heart and Soul003 

Want to learn a lot more about how to read ukulele tab? Easy Ukulele Songs: Five with Five Chords will help you learn how to read ukulele melody tabs.  Each of the five songs comes with tab to help you play the melody plus a special lesson video on how to play the tab.

Learn how to read ukulele tab


Easy Ukulele Songs: Five with Five Chords

You can learn how the melody is supposed to sound by watching this video lesson on how to sing and strum version Heart and Soul.  

Thanks for reading and happy strumming!