We’re pretty excited to bring you an easy ukulele tutorial for “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. We know lots of young ones absolutely love this beautiful ballad. But we’re sure older ukulele enthusiasts will adore it too especially with how Jenny played the song in the video.

Jenny transposed the chords to C major for two reasons. First, it’s an easy key to play. Second, it’s a nice key to sing this wonderful love song. Basically, you can play the song using only four chords – C, Am, F and G. There’s an instance towards the end of the chorus that you use an Em. But you could substitute this with a G if you feel like it.

For the strumming pattern, it follows a down-up pattern with the down strum counting for two beats and the up strum for one beat. If you’re wanting some challenge, you can also follow a fingerpicking pattern on the middle of the song. Check out the video for more details.


Get a copy of the lyrics and chords sheet here so you can easily follow how to play “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran easy ukulele tutorial.

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“Perfect” is a sweet and memorable ballad written and recorded by Ed Sheeran. While the song was included in the singer’s third studio album ÷ (Divide) released in March 2017, it was not issued as a single until September of the same year.

Since the song’s release, it received overwhelming reception and reached number one in music charts not only in the UK Singles Charts and US Billboard Hot 100 but in many other countries as well such as France, Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


“Perfect” is a beautifully-written love song that Ed Sheeran dedicated to her girlfriend named Cherry, to whom he got engaged with in December 2017. The song has such romantic lyrics that appeals to many people, young and old.

Because of the tremendous reach of Sheeran’s 2014 song, “Thinking Out Loud,” Sheeran relates in one interview that he had this fear that the song will define his career. So he set out to write many wonderful love songs that he hopes will outdo “Thinking Out Loud”. Consequently with the success of “Perfect,” he thinks that he’s done that now.


Ed Sheeran also worked on several other renditions of “Perfect” including an acoustic version and a couple remixes. In addition, he collaborated with Beyonce to record a duet which was released in early December of 2017 entitled “Perfect Duet”.

Finally, he also worked with renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli to create a version they called “Perfect Symphony”. This version was issued on December 15, 2017.

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