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Getting Started for Free

Just getting started with ukulele? Here’s a video course that will get you playing songs in no time! With this 10 video course you’ll learn

  • How to buy a ukulele
  • The parts of the ukulele
  • Ukulele string numbers
  • How to tune your ukulele
  • The difference between a soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukulele 
  • The three basic yet incredibly important skills your right hand needs to know
  • How to use your left hand to make chords on your ukulele
  • What secret tricks you need to know about your left thumb to make playing ukulele chords easy
  • Learn to sing and play your first ukulele song!

Learn to Play Melodies on Your Uke

OK, you’ve got the basics down. But you’d like to play more songs and sound better on the ukulele. Learn a great new playing skill that the pros use all the time with a 7 video course PLUS download more ukulele tabs to learn now!

  • Awesome seven video course on how to play melodies on your ukulele
  • 3 song melodies written out in tab for practice
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