Getting Started

Tour of the Ukulele

Watch the video below to understand the parts of the ukulele. You will also see both a soprano and a tenor ukulele, so you can understand the differences between the different types of ukuleles. Visit this page to see a video about all four sizes of ukuleles.

Another thing to learn is ukulele string numbers.

How To Tune Your Ukulele

Please click here to visit the Easy Uke Tuner page, which will give you pitches to tune to and a video on how to use the tuning pegs.

You might also consider buying a clip-on tuner – these nifty devices make tuning super easy.  We have a selection in our ukulele store.

How To Strum With the Right Hand

Strumming – Jenny Teaches Rebecca on Open Strings

Here’s Jenny teaching Strums 1, 2, and 3 to a class in her home town. If you want to learn some more complicated ukulele strumming patterns,  visit our “Ukulele Strums” playlist on Youtube!

How To Make Chords With the Left Hand

Here is a video on basic left hand technique and how to make the chord shapes with your left hand.

Here is another video showing the left hand fingers and where to put them on the ukulele.

The Left Thumb

The C Major Chord

Time to learn your first chord.  We start with the C Major chord because it is easy, but also because it is the musical center chord for the open strings of the ukulele.

Here is the chord symbol for C Major.  To play it, place your left hand third finger (ring finger) in the third fret of the string closest to the floor, the A string.