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Learn what you need to know to play the songs you want to play. If you buy our book “21 More Easy Ukulele Songs: Learn Intermediate Ukulele the Easy Way,” you’ll be on your way to this goal. You’ll learn the B flat chord; you’ll learn fancy strumming patterns. You’ll learn how to fingerpick. And you’ll learn the basics of chord melody.

We’ll teach you all the following skills

  • 10 new chords
  • 3 new strumming patterns
  • Reading tab melodies
  • Fingerpicking accompaniments
  • Improvisation over the 12 Bar Blues pattern
  • Music theory concepts as you need them
  • Easy Chord Melodies
  • FREE video course and glossaries

Along the way, we give you a nice helping of basic music theory. You will understand concepts of chord progressions and transposition. Don’t worry if you don’t know those words because we explain them a fun way. You get to use each concept in a song, so you understand it. We show you how to do everything with our free video course.

And, no, it’s not boring. We teach all these concepts through fun songs, so you learn the skills while making music. We’ll go through each of these areas one by one.

10 New Chords

In this book, you’ll learn 10 new chords. We teach them in an enjoyable way through an original song called “New Chord Blues.” The blues chords change slowly, so you get the hang of it right away. You learn this song in several keys. That way you don’t have to learn a new song when you’re learning new chords. It’s called transposing. You learn this word and experience the concept all at once. The Blues uses a standard chord progression in each key. Again, you learn a musical term and understand it through the application of these skills in a song.

The B flat chord is awkward, but we have videos in our course that trouble-shoot the chord. Since you already know these 5 chords from “21 Songs in 6 Days,” the total number of chords in the book is 15.

This book is fun because you learn more chords, get a chords glossary, and also get to start learning fingerpicking! They do a great job of making learning the ukulele fun and the chunks of information realistic — perfect for giving the learner success to keep going strong..


The material is very logically laid out and the book provides you with links to use so that you can avail yourself of the online tutorials. The authors who wrote the book and teach the uke are very knowledgeable and make the learning fun. They also respond quickly to any questions that you have as you are learning.


3 New Strumming Patterns

You’ll learn two new strumming patterns in 4/4 time. They are the Down, Down-Up, Down-Down-up and the Island Strum. Here is what they look like. 

1. Down, Down-Up, Down, Down-Up Strum

2. The Island Strum (Down, Down-Up, Up-Down-Up)

We also present songs in triple meter (3/4 time) so you get a special strumming pattern for that.

ukulele tab staff shown vertically below ukulele strings

Reading Tab Melodies

You’ll learn how to read tab melodies. We have a unique way of explaining the numbers on the lines underneath the music. You will be able to figure out how to play melodies without reading music.

ukulele tab staff shown vertically below ukulele strings

Here’s another picture showing you how to figure out the tab

Fingerpicking Accompaniments

You’ll learn how to read fingerpicked accompaniments. We write out the tab in below the staff, making it easier to figure out what to play. Here is a song with the melody and lyrics on the top staff. It has regular music notation on the second staff. There is tab for a fingerpicked accompaniment on the third staff.

Improvisation over the 12 Bar Blues pattern

You’ll learn how to improvise over the 12-Bar Blues pattern. There are two original blues songs that teach this skill. We also use these blues songs to teach the new chords you’ll learn in the book.

You’ll learn fancy concepts like transposition. Transposition means to play the same song with different chords. You’ll also learn about primary chords, which is an important part of music theory. You’ll learn how to play movable chords by learning a few simple barre chords that move up the neck of the ukulele.

Easy Chord Melodies

Our final chapter is on easy chord melodies. Chord melody is the art of playing both the melody and the harmony or accompaniment at the same time in a ukulele arrangement. Melody is what you sing, or the notes that come one after another. The accompaniment or chords are everything but the melody. In these arrangements, you get to combine both melody and accompaniment. The arrangements are easy, and the music sounds full and complete.

 FREE Video Course and Glossaries

This book comes with a FREE video course (114 minutes-47 videos) to explain all the concepts. There are videos for every song and videos to learn the more difficult chords, such as B flat. There is also a chord glossary with a picture of how to make each chord. Finally, there is a glossary of musical terms for you to refer to if you forget what one of the words means.

Chord Glossary Example:


You are now a solid Intermediate

You get so many different skills, all necessary to develop further as a musician. By the time you’ve worked through this book, you are ready to tackle almost anything you will find online or at a ukulele club. And, it’s all enjoyable!

Songs in 21 MORE Songs in 6 Days

Are You Sleeping
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Oh When the Saints
Shave and a Haircut
Amazing Grace
New Chords Blues

Too Much to Do Blues
On Top of Old Smokey
Bicycle Built for Two
Wayfaring Stranger
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Scarborough Fair
The House of the Rising Sun
The Lazy Sailor

Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Michael Row the Boat Ashore
Oh Susannah
The Erie Canal
Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey
You Are My Sunshine
Aura Lee
Aloha Oe


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