Easy Ukulele Songs: Five with Five Chords

You’re fluent with 3-Chord Songs. What’s next?

So, you’re pretty good at 3-chord songs now. You know C, F, and G7 and can play songs with those chords. You can do simple strumming patterns. You even know a few other chords. You’d like to take your playing to the next level.

 Where do you go from here?

We’ll teach you the following skills.

  • How to Read tab
  • How to Fingerpick an accompaniment
  • Three Fancy Strumming Patterns
  • How to improvise over the 12-Bar Blues
ukulele tab staff shown vertically below ukulele strings

We teach you to read tab melodies

Have you ever wondered what all those numbers and lines underneath the regular sheet music mean? Well, they’re there to show you where to play notes on your ukulele. Those are called the tab lines and numbers.

ukulele tab staff shown vertically below ukulele strings

Here’s another picture showing you how to figure out the tab

Learn how to read ukulele tabs by playing theC Major Scale in ukulele tab notation

We show you how to play a C Scale, so you can start to find melody notes on your ukulele. 

All songs have Melody Tab

There is melody tab on every song. That way you can learn to play the melody. And you can sing and strum. You have many ways you can play each song.


Fingerpicking Accompaniments

You’ll learn how to read fingerpicked accompaniments. We write out the tab in below the staff, making it easier to figure out what to play. Here is a song with the melody and lyrics on the top staff. It has regular music notation on the second staff. There is tab for a fingerpicked accompaniment on the third staff.

This is a great book for beginners. I never had a music theory lesson and with Jenny and Rebecca’s books, you don’t need it. Fun songs at a great price.


Total ukelele beginner. I enjoyed this work. It takes the skills learned in book 1 to a new level. I enjoyed a couple of the songs, especially “Five Foot Two.” It’s nice to find 1920s style songs because they are so naturally ukelele songs. I also enjoyed “Greensleeves.” because the ukulele sounds more lute-like. The pedagogical learning approach is cool, thoughtful, and systematic. An excellent series. I bought this after reviewing other ukelele learning methods online and trying others from the library. 

Suzanne Edminster

Three Fancy Strumming Patterns

We teach you some fancy “go-to” strumming patterns. You will learn the “Island Strum,” the “Waltz Strum” and the “Boom Ditty” strum.

Camptown Races uses the Down, Down-up, Down, Down-up Strumming Pattern

Greensleeves uses the Waltz Strum Down, Down-up, Down, strum for ¾ time

Five Foot Two uses the Island Strum

In the book, we have one version of the song with melody tab and another version with the strumming pattern underneath. It helps to see how the strumming pattern fits with the lyrics so you can coordinate the two. You will hear this strum everywhere. Once you know it, you can use it for many, many songs.


“Five Foot Two” is an iconic song from the 1920s

In this song, you are learning the “Circle of 5ths progression,” which is important in music theory. You are also learning “The Island Strum,” which is a go-to strum for many ukulele songs.

We write the strumming pattern beneath the voice part. This makes it a LOT easier to fit the strumming pattern with the lyrics of the song.

How to improvise over the 12-Bar blues

The fifth song, “Lonely Blues,” introduces the 12-Bar Blues. We teach you the basics of the blues chord progression. We also encourage you to improvise or make up your own music.

In this book, you take your playing to the next level with 5 songs. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book with all these great songs and new skills. 

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Songs in Easy Ukulele Songs: Five with Five Chords

Camptown Races

Danny Boy


Five Foot Two

Lonely Blues


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