Lesson on “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

by | Apr 20, 2014 | Song Library, Ukulele Beginners, Video Lessons | 3 comments

I am teaching The Lion Sleeps Tonight at school. It is a great song for learning three chords and strum #3. The three chords are C, F and G7. You always play the chords in this order until the song is done. You play each chord for one measure:

C   F   C   G7

Strum #3 works great with this song, because it fits the lyrics: “a-wim-o-weh, a wim-o-weh, a-wim-o-weh, a wim-o-weh.” It’s relatively easy to get that rhythm, because the song is familiar. If not, feel free to use strum #1 (all downs) until you get it. I use red words for the C chord, blue words for the F chord, and green words for the G7 chord. Enjoy!

Grade 5 Spring Sing_4 Grade 5 Spring Sing_8

Here are a couple of videos to help learn this song.

Here is the recording, so you can get the right beat and feel for the song:

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