Why 21 Ukulele Songs in 6 Days?

Get 40+ lesson videos, song lyrics, practice techniques and a lot more

Here’s why….

  • You get much more than a book of ukulele songs. You learn HOW to play them with complete instruction in the book and free online videos included with your purchase.
  • No matter what your learning style, you get to read, listen and watch for the fastest, easiest learning experience possible.
  • It’s hard to mess this up because you learn the easiest songs first, starting with songs that only require one chord. You’ll feel your confidence growing and your skills developing in minutes.

All 21 songs include: strum patterns, chord diagrams, sheet music and lyrics.

So whether you read music or not, or if you have difficulty with chords, you can still easily learn all the ukulele songs (even sing along) with or without the FREE bonus online video instruction.

The authors make learning fun. And they’ve pulled out all the stops so you can blast right through the frustrating learning curve and start playing the ukulele with minimum effort and in minimum time.

You undoubtedly know many of the songs in this book, which makes learning them even easier. You’ll quickly acquire the foundation you need to springboard to your favorite genres of music.

Just follow the detailed lessons, tips and secrets – in the book, online or both – and in less than a week, you’ll sound like you’ve been playing for months.

Be prepared to be called a liar when you tell people you just started playing days ago. Because the instruction is so thorough, it quickly embeds the skills into your brain and muscle memory.

In no time, you’ll find yourself deep into a new pleasurable hobby. You’ll be ready to entertain family and friends, add musical spice to your get-togethers, and play with other musicians.

Don’t wait – start playing and singing today!

Happy Strumming!

The Ukulele Sisters

Rebecca and Jenny

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