Practice Makes Permanent Program

Do you want to learn how to practice better? Do you struggle with singing with strumming at the same time? Or, do you struggle with changing chords? Does fingerpicking sound cool, but it seems hard?

If you get our “Practice Makes Permanent Program,” we’ll teach you how to practice. You’ll make a deep dive into real improvement and a commitment to playing the ukulele well.

You’ll get an online membership that will give you weekly practice guidance on how to improve at your ukulele.


We’ll teach you to how to practice so you get real results!

The Practice Makes Permanent Program includes:

  • Weekly “assignments” targeted to the music you’re working on. You’ll journal with our “Weekly Questions for Reflection.”
  • Explanations on what the biggest musical issue for the week is and how to practice to master that issue.
  • You’ll create your own online journal to record what you’ve learned. You’ll be taking a “deep dive” to manage your own progress over time.
  • You’ll have a chance to join a closed Facebook group where you can meet with others to discuss your progress.
  • You’ll create a journal and portfolio of your progress over time through all six of our books

Weekly “Questions for Reflection”

You will answer questions about how you practiced. You’ll create a journal of your progress over time. Moving through the material and keeping a record of it is highly motivational.

By learning the underlying musical skills of that unit, you will turbocharge your practice.  Once you fill out and submit these guides, you will show you have successfully finished this unit. When you have completed the entire course, you will receive a certificate. Having milestones along the way, you will be motivated to make practicing a daily habit. Improvement will come naturally.

Closed Facebook Group Builds Community

You will also get to join a closed Facebook group where you can meet with others to discuss your progress. Here is where you can share practice tips on what worked for you and post videos of your ukulele playing. If you have questions, you can reach out to the community in one of the forums. Someone else in the community can answer back on how they solved that problem. Working with others will help you with your musical growth on the ukulele.

I am loving your book and online course!! I have made more progress in the last couple days than I have in months and months in trying other methods to learn.

Kimberly Sweet

The sisters have a wonderful way of putting lessons together so the student can follow along very easily.


“Practice Makes Permanent” Program Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction and Welcome

Unit 1 Welcome & how to access free courses associated with each book
Unit 2 How to set up your practice space
Unit 3 Practicing tips for improvement on ukulele
Unit 4 Joining the closed Facebook group
Quiz or Questions for Reflection

Module 3: Easy Ukulele Songs: Five with Five Chords

Unit 1 Learning how to read melodies with tab
Unit 2 Learning two new strumming patterns – “Boom Ditty” and “The Island Strum”
Unit 3 Revisit 10 2 chord songs from “21 Songs in 6 Days” – play the tab and add fancy strumming patterns
Unit 4 Learn to fingerpick an accompaniment and how to play the blues – beginning blues tools
Unit 5 Learning to Add Blues Notes to Your Strumming Pattern
Unit 6 Learn to Fingerpick an Accompaniment
Unit 7 Revisit the 10 Bonus 2-Chord Songs from “21 Songs in 6 Days” – Play the Melody Tab
Unit 8 Enjoying Your Success!
Quiz or Questions for Reflection

Module 5: 21 MORE Songs in 6 Days: Learn Intermediate Ukulele the Easy Way

Unit 1 Reviewing tab melodies – learning to shift
Unit 2 More Blues Tools You Can Use – Adding Blues Notes
Unit 3 More Blues Tools You Can Use – How to Improvise
Unit 4 Learning Basic Music Theory Concepts – Chord Families and Transposition
Unit 5 Learning How to Do Barre Chords
Unit 6 Reviewing Fancy Strumming Patterns and Fingerpicking an Accompaniment
Unit 7 Learning Basic Chord Melodies
Unit 8 Enjoying Your Success!
Quiz or Questions for Reflection

Module 7: 21 Easy Ukulele Hymns or Hymn Kit

Unit 1 2 and 3 chord hymns
Unit 2 Choosing a Key – Connecting Two Versions with “Tags and Turnarounds”
Unit 3 4- and 5-Chord Hymns
Unit 4 6- and 7-Chord Hymns
Unit 5 Learning the New Strumming Patterns in the Hymn Kits
Unit 6 Learning the Chord Melodies in the Hymn Kits
Unit 7 How to Lead a Sing-along with Hymns
Unit 8 Enjoying Your Success!
Quiz or Questions for Reflection

Module 2: 21 Songs in 6 Days: Learn Ukulele the Easy Way

Unit 1 Mastering singing and strumming with one chord songs
Unit 2 Learning 2 chord songs – F to C7
Unit 3 Learning 2 chord songs – C to G7
Unit 4 Learning 3 chord songs
Unit 5 Learning 2-Chord Songs with C and G7
Unit 6 Learning the Bonus 2-Chord Songs with C and G7
Unit 7 Learning 3-Chord Songs
Unit 8 Enjoying Your Success!
Quiz or Questions for Reflection

Module 4: 21 Easy Ukulele Songs for Christmas

Unit 1 2 and 3 chord Christmas songs
Unit 2 4 chord Christmas songs
Unit 3 Songs in minor and songs with more chords
Unit 4 Chord melody – playing melody and chords at the same time
Unit 5 Learning 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-Chord Songs
Unit 6 Learning Chord Melodies for Christmas
Unit 7 Leading a Christmas Sing-a-Long
Unit 8 Enjoying Your Success!
Quiz or Questions for Reflection

Module 6: 21 Easy Ukulele Folk Songs

Unit 1 Mastering the B flat chord
Unit 2 Reviewing Fancy Strumming Patterns
Unit 3 Reviewing Fingerpicking for Accompaniments
Unit 4 More Practice Tips for Chord Melodies
Unit 5 Learning Sakura
Unit 6 Learning About “Tags and Turnarounds”
Unit 7 Creating Your Own Arrangements with Key Changes, Tags and Turnarounds, and Chord Melodies
Unit 8 Enjoying Your Success!
Quiz or Questions for Reflection

Maybe I just need private lessons. How can a set of questions help me get better at ukulele?

Mindful practicing is the key to improvement at any skill. Individual coaching can help, but mindful, guided practice gives you the most success. Especially if you work with others, you’ll be able to grow so much more as you learn the material. The practice guide will not just teach you the songs. It will teach you the underlying skills you need for each song. These skills will give you the building blocks to learn to play whatever you want. For a fraction of the cost of lessons, you’ll become your own coach. And you won’t have to get nervous playing for a teacher.

Practice Makes Permanent Program includes:

Specific guidance on how to practice

We’ll show you how to use our free video courses and other resources to jumpstart your ukulele progress. You’ll go through all six of our books and get specific guidance for each chapter. As you learn, you’ll see your progress as you write and record what you’re doing.

Membership in a community of musicians

In our closed Facebook Group is where you can post your practice videos. You can get feedback from other community members on how they mastered specific problems. People will share their practice tips where you can learn from them.

Are you ready to take your ukulele skills to the next level ?

The first 20 people who sign up will be Beta testers. For a $30 per month membership, we’ll take you through all six of our books. We’ll give you specific practice guidance along the way. You will have the chance to log in to a gated area of our site to access these resources.

After 20 people have signed up, we’ll open the program to the general public at $45 per month. As long as you maintain your membership, you’ll be grandfathered into the lower price.

I really enjoyed this course and all of the courses by the ukulele sisters. The courses are clear, straightforward and fun! 


I do enjoy the video lessons; it’s sometimes like having you in the room with me.

Geoff Farmer


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