Classroom Edition Teachers & Students Video Course


This video course goes along with 21 Songs in 6 Days: Classroom Edition. 

Contains over 100 minutes of video lessons to help you teach your students how to play ukulele.

Stream a video lesson as you roam the room giving individual help to the students who need it. 

The course covers

  • How to buy and tune your ukulele
  • Chord shapes for the 5 easiest ukulele chords
  • Three basic strums
  • How to change chords at the right time in the song
  • How to keep your strum steady while you change chords
  • …and of course, 21 songs, including:

Are You Sleeping? | Row, Row, Row Your Boat | Three Blind Mice | Have You Seen the Ghost of John? | Hey, Ho, Nobody HomeFrère Jacques | Chatter With the Angels | A Ram Sam Sam | Shoo, Fly, Don’t Bother Me (in keys of F & C) | Hush, Little Baby (in keys of F & C) | Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow (in keys of F & C) | C, then G7 Etude | He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands | Polly Wolly Doodle | Blues Scale | Immigration Blues | Lonely Blues | Jingle Bells | This Land is Your Land (Simple Version & Complex Version) | For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow | Oh, When the Saints | I’ve Been Working on the Railroad | Amazing Grace