To Strap or not to Strap

by | Nov 15, 2013 | How to Practice, Ukulele Beginners | 2 comments

20131109_190558Having a strap really helps! When I started to learn more complicated left and right hand patterns, the strap keeps the ukulele in place, which makes it easier to move around on the instrument. I got a ukulele thong, because I did not have an end button on my soprano ukulele. They can be hard to find, but we have them for sale in the “store” section of our website. Classical guitarists also use these types of straps, so the Guitar Center can order one for you.

I’ve been working on holiday songs to sing and teach at school: “Let It Snow” and “Winter Wonderland.” Both songs have a lot of changes and fairly complicated strumming patterns. I also want to include a ukulele solo section with finger picking in the main part of each song.

Well, I’ve learned where some of the higher notes are on the ukulele, some bar chords and some movable chords. I’ve also learned some more complicated strumming patterns with chunking and coordinating all of these techniques with singing. I practice at home with an accompaniment track I created through Band In A Box, and have gradually gotten better at the songs.

I would recommend a strap for a ukulele. I also play and teach violin. I would compare the ukulele strap to using a shoulder rest on the violin or viola. Without one, you can still play, but it is difficult to shift or do vibrato, unless you are already quite accomplished. Why not make it easier for yourself, and buy a ukulele strap?

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