How to Play Easy and Full-Sounding Ukulele Chord Melody

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Would you like to play rich and sonorous music each day?

When I get done with a long day of work, I like to play rich and sonorous music on my ukulele. It relieves stress and helps me regain a sense of well-being and balance. I like playing amazing chord melodies. They are simple and easy to play. When I play them for my students and friends, people always ask, “How can I learn how to do this?”

So, we developed an online course to teach the easy chord melodies that I love to play! The level is intermediate, so if you can read the melody tab and play three-chord songs, you will be able to play these chord melodies. You’ll develop the amazing skill of playing rich and sonorous music on your ukulele.


Here is an example of what the sheet music looks like.

Here is an example of an easy chord melody version of  “Oh, When the Saints.”

The format of the music is easy to follow:

  • The top line of music is the vocal line. That way you can sing and strum a verse easily by reading the lyrics and strumming the chords. There is a suggested strumming pattern, so you know what strumming pattern will work with the song.
  • The second line of music is the chord melody version. Both the sing and strum version and the chord melody are on one page. That way you can sing a couple verses, and then play the chord melody as an instrumental interlude.
  • The melody is notated as single notes underneath the vocal notes.
  • The chords are the vertical stacks of notes that have the squiggly lines next to them. Those lines show that you should strum those chords.

Here is an example of  the various notation styles I use when notating chord melody.

The numbers on the lines of the tab staff give you the melody of the song. The vertical numbers on the tab staff show you how to play the chords. 

Notation Specific to chord melody

I use different playing techniques with both my right and my left hand to play chord melody. In the course there are:

1. Six introductory videos to give folks a chance to understand all the different techniques I use when I play chord melody.

2. At least four different videos for each song: a performance video for both Low G and High G tuning and a lesson video for both the Low G and High G version of the song.

3. A downloadable .pdf of all the sheet music along with written explanations on how to play the songs.

4. A total of over 30 videos that feature closeups of my hands and sheet music pictured in the frame to help you learn better. Check out the video below to see an example.




Enjoy this video showing how to read the notation specific for chord melody.

Act Quickly-The sign-up window is open for 3 weeks!

This year our course will be available for three weeks from Nov. 24 to Dec. 15. I know you will want your copy of this music and the video lessons that explain everything. So, click on the link below to find out more. We will also send your three free goodies:

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll get:

 Goodie #1 C Major Scale Study

Goodie #2 C Major Fingerpicking Study

Goodie #3 Jingle Bells Easy Ukulele Chord Melody


Learn Easy Ukulele Chord Melody Today

You can get more practice with ukulele chord melody with these other posts. 


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