Hi there! We’re Jenny Peters and Rebecca Bogart, the Ukulele Sisters. We believe that people playing music make the world a better place. Our mission is to help you to have fun learning music YOUR way. 

We’ve been publishing ukulele tutorials and books since 2013 and have sold over 70,000 copies worldwide.Right now we’re working on our next book, 21 Easy Ukulele Hymns, which we plan to release in late 2019. In the meantime, please take a look around.

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Learn 21 classic folk songs arranged in order of difficulty. The book begins with easy 2 chord songs and progresses to 7 chord songs in the key of G major. Includes favorites such as Happy Birthday, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, and Shenandoah. Comes with a video ukulele tutorial for every song.

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Singin’ in the Rain Ukulele Tutorial with Melody Tab
Singin’ in the Rain Ukulele Tutorial with Melody Tab

With this week’s easy “Singin’ in the Rain” ukulele tutorial, let’s learn an iconic song that’s also the title of a popular 1952 film. As with previous video tutorials, it includes ukulele chords and lyrics. Additionally, Jenny does a more extensive melody tab...

It’s a Small World Ukulele Tutorial for Beginners
It’s a Small World Ukulele Tutorial for Beginners

Our new video “It’s a Small World” ukulele tutorial is truly a great song for ukulele beginners. First of all, it’s easy to learn. You’ll need only four simple chords and all-down strums. Jenny does show another strumming pattern and a more difficult fingerpicking...

This Land Is Your Land Ukulele Tutorial
This Land Is Your Land Ukulele Tutorial

This week, we're featuring “This Land Is Your Land” ukulele tutorial. “This Land Is Your Land” is a very famous American folk song. Woody Guthrie composed the first version of the song in 1940. Accordingly, Guthrie wrote the song because of  “God Bless America”....

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