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We are “Learn Ukulele the Easy Way.” We help you have fun learning music YOUR way.

Ukulele is the perfect instrument to learn about music. That’s because as you learn ukulele you learn all the key elements of music at the same time: rhythm, melody, and harmony. And the ukulele is fun and easy to learn. It’s a happy instrument that you can take anywhere. You get to play and sing with others.

We have over seventy years of combined teaching experience in music. We’re excited to help you experience the joy of making music.

We’ll help you go at your own pace and by changing things up to suit your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll teach you what you need to know to make each song you play your own. We’ll help you learn the skills you need to play any style of music.

And we’ll help you find ways to connect to other people in your life through music.

So what’s stopping you? Try out some of our free lessons and materials today. You’ll soon be a happy ukulele musician.

Jenny Peters

Jenny is one part of the Ukulele Sisters team. She stumbled upon the ukulele after finding 45 of them in one of her elementary school classrooms. Convinced she could turn her finding into more than a whole lot of noise, she designed a program to teach all of her students to play successfully with only 30 minutes of class time a week. No one was more grateful than the teacher in the next classroom.

A former private piano teacher in Chicago with a Masters in Piano Performance from the University of Illinois, Jenny now lives in Highland Park. Married with three kids, she shares her home with three cats and more musical instruments than she would care to name.

Rebecca Bogart

Rebecca is the second half of the Ukulele Sisters. An acclaimed classical pianist, performer and teacher, Rebecca has been passionate about the piano and music her entire life. She has played for audiences in Italy, taught master classes at Harvard and won more than a few piano competitions. She made her solo debut at Carnegie Hall in early 2014.

When not teaching or performing, Rebecca enjoys dancing and tending to her garden. She calls the San Francisco Bay Area home.

Our Administrative Team

Paul Wechuli

Paul is Assistant Blog Editor for ukulele.io

He is a long time music enthusiast who’s enjoying learning ukulele using 21 Songs in 6 Days. He studied piano as a child so he could play hymns for church, performed with his high school choir at the national level, and won a district level trophy for recorder.

Paul loves to read about almost everything from classical literature to technology, with poetry, psychology, philosophy, history thrown into the mix. He enjoys learning new things and meeting and interacting with people worldwide. He lives in Juja, Kiambu County in central Kenya.

Lala Fadchal

Lala is a work-from-home mom who is passionate about two things: taking care of her family and doing the best possible job as the Ukulele Sisters’ customer support person.

Lala doesn’t play a musical instrument but has enjoyed learning about the ukulele and music in general since she started working with Rebecca and Jenny. She’s found that the 21 Songs books can be followed easily even by those who do not have musical background like her. She loves responding to customers’ queries to make sure they get their issues resolved so they can focus on learning the ukulele.

She worked in the corporate world for 12 years as an engineer before deciding to work at home as an online freelancer when she got married and had a baby. She lives in Quezon, Philippines with her husband and two children.

Charlyn June Awing

Charlyn is Lala’s sister, which means that there are two pairs of ukulele sisters. Charlyn takes care of design and website tasks for the Ukulele Sisters.

Charlyn doesn’t play an instrument but she loves to sing and dance to music. She believes that music is therapeutic because it helps relieve stress and lightens the mood. She says “This is why I love working with Jenny and Rebecca. They are very excellent music teachers and they provide entertainment using their ukuleles.”

Charlyn also an entrepreneur, teaching fellow Filipinos how to start their own blog. She has three daughters and is a house mom by day and a work at home mom at night.

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