Do you want to play hymns with confidence?

Are you looking for a way to come together playing music?

To adapt from playing solo to playing with others? To move from confusion to confidence with an ordered educational program to teach you?

Do you want to celebrate music within a community? To have a stable and flexible foundation on which to build your skill? Would you like to play melodies without singing the words so you can get to the meditative heart of the music?

Something for varied learners, from beginners to a little more advanced.

Where you can give an easy part to a new beginner, and a more complicated part to yourself? Give one person a strumming part, someone else a fingerpicking part, and someone else a singing part? Where you can choose a version that fits your voice? If  you’re not a singer, do you want to play the melody of the song without having to read music?

Look no further…

our Easy Ukulele Hymn Kit has everything you need!

In the Ukulele Hymn Kit, we provide easy ukulele hymns where you get to choose how YOU want to learn or teach the songs.

Our Easy Ukulele Hymn Kit comes with many ways to play each song:

  • You can sing and strum.
  • You can play the melody.
  • You can do simple or complex strumming patterns.
  • You can try a chord melody version where you play melody and harmony at the same time.

“When I want to play the melody of the Hymn, I have to try and memorise the fretboard. With your tab arrangements, the fingering of the fret is already there, which is fantastic.

Kerene Whelan

You can choose a comfortable singing or playing key. Our songs are carefully leveled from the easiest to the hardest. And we give you historical information on each song.

13 of the songs have chord melody versions.

18 of the songs are in two different keys.

There are 34 hymns.

THRILLED WITH THIS BOOK!   I am a visual learner and find that having the written words in the book as well as the visuals on-line are an excellent way to learn to play the ukulele.  I also feel that anyone who teaches 4th graders can help adults.  I am so impressed with this book that I ordered a second one! THANKS!

Cynthia Moreland

You’re wondering if the hymn kit is worth the price.

It might seem expensive. But think of it this way. You are getting 43 video lessons. You are getting sheet music for 34 songs. You’re learning how to connect hymns with tags and turnarounds. You’re learning how to play with different strumming and picking patterns. 15 of the songs are in two different keys.

With all this material, you create your own arrangements.

I could not have asked for a better way to learn the ukulele!! Pairing the book with the online video lessons was the perfect way for me to learn! I felt like I was having my own private lesson. . .

I have not been able to sing with my church choir nor ring in our bell choir, with everything that has happened. Music is cathartic for me and I am extremely thankful for my ukulele. . . You have been a life saver!!

Thank you!!!

Daisy Richardson

Step by step, building slowly. Videos were so helpful, loved the hints and tips, different versions of the same hymn.

Diane Boatman

Experience the joy of creativity and self-expression.

Get your copy of the Ukulele Hymn Kit now!

If you’re not interested in the Hymn Kit with its extensive video course, and you want a copy of the book only:

Click here to buy the eBook Bundle, or here to buy the physical book on Amazon.

You worry about technical support.

You worry about technical support for the videos and the downloadable sheet music. Don’t worry, our systems are beautiful and easy to use. If you do get stuck, our technical support crew can walk you through the steps you need to get everything set up on your computer or device to learn ukulele easily. You worry about technical support.

The Ukulele Sisters are brilliant and any problems with any aspect of your Ukulele they would try to sort it them selves or ask their team and get back to you right away with the problem resolved. They make you feel a part of their team and family.

Denice Melia

I am trying to learn chords. Your sheet music is beautiful, crisp and clear, easy to read.  I really appreciate that you include the chord diagrams. This is very helpful to me.

Theresa Kappas

What if the songs are too easy or too hard?

That issue is one that we solve with so many different versions of our songs. You will be able to play some of these songs right away. The first song, “Simple Gifts,” uses only two chords and a simple strumming pattern. You will be able to play that song immediately. But since there are 5 versions of “Simple Gifts,” you will also have a challenge.

You can play “Simple Gifts in two different keys and use a turnaround to connect the versions. You can fingerpick an accompaniment. You can choose a different strumming pattern for each verse. Finally, you can play a chord melody of “Simple Gifts” and meditate on the beauty of the lyrics.

I have bought other books of hymns, and even though some of the songs are repeated in your collection, you have the hymns presented in a multitude of styles (tabs, chords, solo, and in some cases more than one key) so you can jump in no matter you current level and play. Plus you can’t out grow this collection, because you can learn to play the same song different ways and combine the different methods with the turn around techniques.

Sally Perkins Johnson

So, you’re a non-singer. Is there music for you?

We design our songs with both singers and non-singers in mind. All of our songs have melody tab underneath the vocal line, so you can play either the melody or the harmony. More advanced players can learn ukulele chord melodies. In a chord melody arrangement you play both melody and harmony, so it sounds complete.

I just turned the page and came to page 84, When the Saints for Solo Ukulele. Awesome! My husband could understand what I was playing, and it was so much fun! Thank you, thank you. I would love a whole book like this. It made me want to practice longer.

Lynda Newman

Experience the joy of creativity and self-expression.

Get your copy of the Ukulele Hymn Kit now!

If you’re not interested in the Hymn Kit with its extensive video course, and you want a copy of the book only:

Click here to buy the eBook Bundle, or here to buy the physical book on Amazon.

Complete Song List

A Mighty Fortress is Our God

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Amazing Grace

Beautiful Robes So White

Be Still My Soul – Finlandia

Be Thou My Vision

Blest Be the Tie That Binds

Chatter With the Angels

Church in the Wildwood

Eternal Father, Strong to Save

Fairest Lord Jesus

For the Beauty of the Earth

Give Me That Old Time Religion

He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands

How Great Thou Art

I Come to the Garden Alone

In My Heart There Rings a Melody

Jesus Loves Me

Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee


Michael, Row the Boat Ashore

Nearer My God to Thee

Oh, When The Saints Go Marching In

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Rock of Ages

Shall We Gather at the River?

Simple Gifts

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

The Doxology

This Little Light of Mine

Wayfaring Stranger

We Shall Overcome

What a Friend We Have in Jesus

What Wondrous Love is This

Our music format is beautiful.

We show you how to fingerpick on more complicated songs by writing out the pattern for you.
We write out a strumming pattern on some of our more complicated songs. We help you fit the melody with the strumming pattern.
Our chord melody format is beautiful. It shows you when to roll a chord, when to pluck a chord and how the rhythm works with the extra notes of the music. We keep the vocal part simple and clean to look at. The chord melody has rhythmic stems so you know how to fit the extra notes into the music.

Three formats of the same material for your convenience.

You’ll get 21 Easy Ukulele Hymns and the Bonus Hymns in 3 file formats, .pdf, .mobi, and .ePub. These different formats mean you can access the book no matter what device you are using.


Click one of the questions or the + sign to the right of the question to see the answer.

Does the Kit include a physical book?

No it does not. The Kit comes with an ebook bundle. You will get a .pdf, a .mobi and .ePub file of 21 Easy Ukulele Hymns, plus a .pdf, a .mobi and .ePub file of the bonus hymns. That means, you can print out what you want from the .pdfs or you can read the text and sheet music on a Kindle, tablet, phone or computer.

If I buy a Kit, do I need to also get the book? From what I'm reading, it sounds like no physical sheet music is included and it's all printable in the Kit. Is that correct? I don't have a printer so I'm trying to figure it all out.

No, you do not need to order a book. The Kits come with an eBook bundle. You get a .pdf, a .mobi and an .ePub file of 21 Easy Ukulele Hymns, and a pdf, a .mobi and an .ePub file of the bonus hymns. That means you can print out what you want from the pdfs or you can read the text and sheet music on a Kindle, tablet, phone or computer.

But, you might want to buy a physical book in addition to the Hymn Kit. It depends on whether you like to learn from a screen or not. Also, it can be easier to keep your sheet music organized if you have a printed book.

If you do want a physical book, go to Amazon to get your copy of 21 Easy Ukulele Hymns. Not all the songs in the Kit are in the Amazon book, but 22 of the 34 songs are there. Also, the Amazon book does not include a video course.

How can I purchase the printed book?

The paper version of 21 Easy Ukulele Hymns is available on Amazon. Not all the songs are in the Amazon book, but 22 of the 34 songs are there. Also the printed book does not include the video course.

What are the prices for the kit and the bundle?
Nowadays, it's a little bit difficult for me to spend this much.

If you are on a tight budget, consider the eBook Bundle. It has 22 of the 34 songs (video lessons not included).

I wish you could put these out with spiral binding so they could lie flat on a music stand.

In the past, we’ve looked into spiral-bound books. They were expensive to produce and not supported by Amazon. That meant that if we had the books printed and did not sell them, we would have boxes of books sitting around. So we’ve decided not to do spiral bindings right now.

Most music books are not spiral bound, and it can be a pain to get them to lay flat. Jenny tells her students at their first lesson that the first thing they need to do is to teach their book to lay flat. The students laugh when she says they’re teaching their books a lesson!

Anyway, we hope you find the humor in this and maybe understand why most music books are not spiral-bound.

Is the tablature for low G or high G?

The tablature favors high G tuning but Jenny plays most of the video lessons on a low G tuned ukulele.

Experience the joy of creativity and self-expression.

Get your copy of the Ukulele Hymn Kit now!

If you’re not interested in the Hymn Kit with its extensive video course, and you want a copy of the book only:

Click here to buy the eBook Bundle, or here to buy the physical book on Amazon.


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