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rythm and reason

We’ve partnered with Bondi Ukulele – to help support their Rhythm and Reason Initiative. We, the Ukulele Sisters, love music because we know what an important role it plays in society. We cannot imagine life without music. So we always make our best effort to promote it.

Rhythm and Reason Initiative

Bondi Ukulele is a unique company that makes and sells all things ukulele, from ukuleles to tuners and straps. We find the folks at Bondi Ukulele different from other ukulele companies in the following ways:

  • They make affordable instruments without compromising quality.
  • Most of their ukulele products come packed with all essential accessories so you don’t go looking for them elsewhere.
  • They hold your hand as you start the ukulele journey by providing support via videos, Skype lessons and learn-to-play books.
  • They have a genuine interest in giving back, especially through the Rhythm and Reason Initiative.

Bondi’s Rhythm and Reason Initiative is a program aimed at getting music into Cambodian schools by adapting and producing music that all kids can enjoy. Bondi empowers teachers with a ukulele, know-how, and ownership to ensure a self-sustaining educational program. For every Bondi ukulele sold, a percentage is contributed to putting a Cambodian school teacher through a special ukulele training course. Getting this training allows the teacher’s students to have music as part of their education.

Unveiling the Ultimate Bondi Ukulele Starter Kit

Jenny got her own Bondi Ukulele starter kit package. To give you a sneak peek of what to expect if you get your own, she posted the video below.

As you can see, the starter kit is just wonderful. It has all you need to get going in one package!

Play Your Part

We think the Rhythm and Reason Initiative is an awesome program. And we were eager to be part of it. (Full disclosure: We are receive a small commission from Bondi if you purchase your starter kit through the link. The commission does not affect the price you pay.)

So do you want a fantastic ukulele complete with all necessary accessories? Also, do you want to contribute to a worthy cause of bringing music to Cambodian classrooms? Look no further. Follow the link below and play your part.

Are you struggling with strumming?

With our book and course, you’ll become a fluent 3-chord strummer.

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