Cub Scouts Learn 4 Songs in Half an Hour

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Would you like to know how to learn the ukulele fast?

Cub Scouts Learn Four Ukulele Songs Fast!

Recently, I taught a group of cub scouts at their den meeting. The Cubs sounded great and had a lot of fun. They learned two chords and four songs: Are You Sleeping; Row, Row, Row Your Boat; Three Blind Mice and Ghost of John. The children especially liked Ghost of John, because they had sung it in music class. They also liked the sound of the A Minor chord.

All of this material is included with purchase of our book 21 Songs in 6 Days: Learn Ukulele the Easy WayWhen you purchase the book, either in paperback or electronic format, you can sign up for resources here at that include video lessons and the snappy accompaniments. What’s even better is that you too can sound good right away, just like the Cub Scouts.

With the snappy .mp3 accompaniment, all the Cubs could feel the beat and learn the basic strumming patterns.It was amazing how well the children could all play and sing together with the help of a little technology.

Are you struggling with strumming?

With our book and course, you’ll become a fluent 3-chord strummer.

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