Heart and Soul Ukulele Tutorial

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Let’s watch Jenny’s Heart and Soul ukulele tutorial and learn to play this popular song.

Download the song sheet of this song here so you can use it to follow the video tutorial below.

Heart and Soul Ukulele Tutorial

The video below is a sing and strum version of Heart and Soul.  

The song follows this iconic chord progression: C, Am, F and G7.

In the bridge, the chord progression is a bit different: F, E7, A7, D7, G7, C7, Am and G7. And you’ll follow this progression twice.

About Heart and Soul

Most might think that Heart and Soul is an old song from a century ago. Or some may remember it as a folk tune. But Heart and Soul is actually a pop song from the late 1930s. Hoagy Carmichael composed the music for the song while Frank Loesser wrote its lyrics.

Many artists have recorded versions of Heart and Soul over the years. Larry Clinton and his orchestra first recorded the song for a short film entitled A Song Is Born. A young singer named Bea Wain provided the vocals. This version shot to number 1 in the music charts. Other artists who performed the song are Eddy Duchin, Al Donahue, The Cleftones, Jay and Dean and Ella Fitzgerald, to name a few.

Thanks for reading and happy strumming!

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  1. Oonagh

    I have had a couple of strokes so I find it hard to retain information, but the way you are both teaching me to play the ukulele is simple and easy for me to understand.. And the added bonus..it is good therapy for my hand, thank you so much for opening the wonderful sounds of the ukulele to me!


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