Jenny is a Guest on “Ukulele is the New Black” Podcast

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Ukulele is the New Black is a fun podcast hosted by Meredith Harper

You can listen to Meredith interviewing Jenny on “Ukulele is the New Black” podcast here.  Don’t forget to download your free gift after you listen to the podcast!

Meredith lives in Australia. She has traveled the world playing ukulele and interviewing ukulele players. Having the violin when she was younger, she wanted to find an instrument that was more forgiving. So, she picked up the ukulele in 2016. 

Her theme song is fun and all the facts in it are true!

Meredith states that she is not a great ukulele player, but she sings pretty well, so no-one seems to mind. She is interested in how playing ukulele has changed your life. It is cool how ukulele brings happiness and goodness to the world.

Listen to her podcast and your cares will melt away. I am sure you will be glad that you did. Here are the lyrics to her theme song.

Ukulele is the New Black

Song by Meredith Harper

I wanted to play an instrument
Cos musicians are so cool and I wanted to be cool
But I found that playing an instrument is kinda hard
I tried the harmonica but I really sucked
I tried the guitar but my fingers couldn’t do it
I was ready to give up…
Then I saw a little instrument in the shop
It didn’t cost too much so I gave it a shot
Now I play all the time and my friends do too
And who knew? Ukulele is the new black
Yeah it’s the new black
Everybody’s playing it……..cos it’s the new black

Jenny is on the News!

Jenny is on the News!

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Creative Ukulele in the Time of Covid

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