Jenny is on the News Featuring the Ukulele!

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We’re excited to share that Jenny is on the news! Recently, our local news ran a segment on the ukulele keeping people happy during this pandemic time. One of Jenny’s lessons was a part of the clip. Check it out!

Ukulele online groups, lessons and festivals are keeping the ukulele community alive.

The ukulele is the happiest instrument in the world. And, the people who play it are kind and decent. Hanging out with ukulele players is a great way to take your mind off of the troubles in our world right now. 

Ukulele works great for people from ages 3-103. Young children can sing and strum and feel the beat. Grandparents can learn simple folk songs to play with their young grandchildren. Ukulele can build community within groups and within families. 

The ukulele is not very expensive, nor is it hard to play. You don’t have to make a big commitment to discover the  joy of learning music. Play for a little while and you will get the hang of it!

Jenny is on the News

Matt owns the store, “Aloha City Ukes.” Matt and Daphne Cantlon are a father-daughter duo who play together all the time.  He shares his passion for music with his daughter, which has been a wonderful father-daughter bonding experience. 

Recently, Matt was the subject of a documentary on Channel 11 TV in Chicago. Because I teach at his store and I teach online lessons, one of my clips was in the segment. 


Can you teach yourself the ukulele?

It was great that Jenny is on the news to promote the ukulele.

Can you learn an instrument online? Well, with our books and courses it is possible.

We are the Ukulele Sisters and we start simply. Our first songs use only one chord. You get the coordination of singing and strumming without having to change chords. Then, you move to two-chord songs and then three-chord songs. You develop the ability to play and sing in rhythm without pauses between chord changes.

We start with simple material

We help you master simple material before moving on to more complex music. At the two-chord song level, we keep you on the easiest chord change on the ukulele, F to C7. We offer 12 songs with those changes. Then we move to the C to G7 chord change where you get to do many of the same songs with the new chord change.  You can concentrate on the technique of changing chords, rather than learning new songs. Because there are 12 two-chord songs, you can pick and choose the songs you know and only learn those songs. Whatever song you choose to practice you’ll be learning the techniques you need with it. 

With our first book, you learn only 5 chords, but with 21 songs, you’ll know these 5 chords well by the time you’re done. Then you are able to move on to more complicated chords and strumming patterns.  Ready to read tab and learn basic music notation, you are excited about your progress. Soon you will be ready to progress to a simple chord melody. With a solid foundation that will help you to progress into the world of ukulele playing, you are ready to enjoy the ukulele wherever you go.

Get a copy of 21 Songs in 6 Days by clicking the link below or visit our shop to check our products.


Are you struggling with strumming?

With our book and course, you’ll become a fluent 3-chord strummer.

Get your copy now!


  1. Sharon Sandera

    How do I get copy of Scotch and Soda that I saw Jenny perform online?

    • Jenny Peters

      Email us in the “Contact us” form at the bottom of the home page. We will get you a copy. Thanks for reaching out!


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