21 More Songs In 6 Days Video Course


The 21 MORE Songs in 6 Days Video Course will teach you some crucial ukulele skills.

Get the Video Course FREE when you buy the book.  Questions? Contact us.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 114 minute, 47 video course:

    • 10 new chord shapes for the most commonly used three finger ukulele chords
    • How to combine three basic strums into more complicated patterns
    • How to play easy ukulele blues
    • How to play melodies on your ukulele
    • How to play chords in a new style where you pluck one string at a time (fingerpicking)
    • How to play melodies and chords at the same time on your ukulele (“solo ukulele” or “chord melody” playing)
    • And 21 more great songs:
    • Are You Sleeping | Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star | Oh When the Saints | Shave and a Haircut | Taps | Amazing Grace | New Chords Blues | Too Much to Do Blues | On Top of Old Smokey | Bicycle Built for Two | Wayfaring Stranger | When Johnny Comes Marching Home | Scarborough Fair | The House of the Rising Sun | The Lazy Sailor | Swing Low Sweet Chariot | Michael Row the Boat Ashore | Oh Susannah | The Erie Canal | Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey | You Are My Sunshine | Aura Lee | Aloha Oe

Free sample video lessons

About the Video Format

As you watch the video lesson, you’ll hear the way the music should sound. You’ll also see lots of visual cues to help you link how the tab looks with how the music sounds.

video format

The tab symbol that corresponds to the note you are hearing is circled in red in the video lesson. You’ll see Jenny fretting and plucking the string in the main frame of the video and there’s also a dot on the fretboard at the right of the screen to help you see which string and fret go with the tab symbol.

Are You Sleeping?

Chapter 4, Song 1: Learning the B Flat Chord

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