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About the guide

A great resource for learning chords right at your fingertips. It will teach you both how to read chord stamps and how to hold your hand.

You’ll learn 20 chords of the most commonly used ukulele chords. You’ll see how to read the chord shapes with a picture of a person’s hand and the chord stamp next to it. Where there are a couple of different easy ways you can play a chord, you’ll get two choices. And the chords are in alphabetical order, so they are easy to find.

Chords in “The Ukulele Sister’s Easy Chord Guide”

A, A7, A Minor

B flat

B, B Minor

C, C7, Cmaj7

D, D7 (two ways), D Minor

E (two ways), E7, E Minor (two ways)

F, F Minor

G, G7, G Minor