Top 10 Ukulele Songs for Kids

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Today we are offering our top 10 ukulele songs for kids. This is a curated list, and you can scroll down to download the songs now! Jenny has taught these songs to kids from kindergarten up to 8th grade. We recommend the ukulele as a great instrument for kids. Read more about why you should buy a ukulele for your kid here.

We all agree that music plays an important role in our society. It’s safe to say that we humans can’t do without music.

Our connection with music begins when we are infants. Music is an essential part of every child’s development. Researchers have found that singing is one of the most meaningful ways we bond with our children.

“Infants pay more attention to singing than speech” says Dr. Sandra Trehub at the University of Toronto. 

But most parents don’t need scientists to tell them this. Anyone who has lulled a child to sleep with a lullaby knows how important music is to children.

As children grow, music remains a crucial part of their development. One of the best ways your child can reap the benefits of music is to learn how to play an instrument.

We’ve provided a video tutorial and chords for each song so that you can play along. We hope you and your kids have fun playing through these online ukulele lessons!


And here’s our top 10 ukulele songs for kids…


10. Puff the Magic Dragon

To start us off, we have Puff the Magic Dragon at number 10. This popular classic was written in 1959 by Leonard Lipton and Peter Yarrow and recorded by the American folk group trio of  Peter, Paul, and Mary in 1963.​ Here is our lesson.

9. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

​At number 9, we have Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. In 2002, the song was added in the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress. Here is our lesson.

8. Edelweiss

​Next up, we have Edelweiss. Most of us will recognize the song from the musical The Sound of Music , which it was created for. Edelweiss refers to a type of flower that is rare and short-lived. Here is our lesson.

7. Buffalo Gals

​Buffalo Gals comes in 7th. This is an old American folk song, having first been written in 1844 by John Hodges and since then, it has been widely popular in the United States. Here is our lesson.

6. Clementine

​Clementine takes position 6 in our top 10 ukulele songs for kids. This old western folk ballad is believed to have been inspired by Down by the River Liv’d a Maiden by H. S. Thompson. Here is our lesson.

5. The Yellow Rose of Texas

​We are at number 5! The Yellow Rose of Texas takes the position. This song can be traces all the way back to the 1850s and it was chosen by Western Writers of America as one of the Top 100 Western songs of all time. Here is our lesson.

4. Happy Birthday

​This is perhaps one of the most popular songs in the planet and it is in the Guinness book for being the most recognized English song. It comes in at number 4 in our list. Here is our lesson.

3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

​Of course The Lion Sleeps Tonight had to make it in the list. The song was written and recorded by Solomon Linda, originally in Zulu, but was made popular when it was adapted in English by the  doo-wop group, The Tokens. Here is our lesson.

2. Buffalo Gals

Buffalo Gals is a great folk song with only two chords. It is really fun to sing and strum. Here is our lesson

1. Molly Malone

​Molly Malone takes first place! It is recognized as an Irish folk song although there is no conclusive evidence that it of Irish origin. The lyrics of this famous song are interesting as it tells the story of a pretty girl who sells fish and seafood in Dublin from her wheelbarrow. Enjoy. Here is our lesson.

So there you have it, top 10 ukulele songs for kids. We hope you enjoyed playing through them. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more video tutorials.

Happy strumming!

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