Ukulele and kids


The ukulele is a great instrument to use for teaching music in school. Kids learn about all the different elements of music at once: melody, harmony and rhythm.

Ukulele is relatively easy and can even encourage non-singers to sing. Teachers can use ukulele play along videos to present music that students will enjoy.  Students can either strum chords, play the melody or learn the basics of chord melody if they have more background.

Ukulele is affordable and relatively indestructible. There are lots of online resources that can be used in a classroom. The instrument is not too loud, so an entire room of students playing is not overwhelming in sound.

Ukulele can also be used for home-schoolers, church choirs, club and after-school programs. Your imagination is truly the limit on how you want to use this wonderful instrument. The ukulele can also build community and cohesion in groups of people who think they don’t get along.

Here are several blog posts that we have written about ukulele in school that you might be interested in reading.




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