Why Ukulele Is the Perfect Choice

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Let’s find out why ukulele is the perfect choice for a beginner who is looking for his first musical instrument to play.

So, you like music. You think you’d like to play an instrument. But, you live in an apartment or dorm, so you don’t have a lot of space. You don’t want to spend a lot of money. A quiet instrument would be a big plus. And you need an instrument that can grow with you.  The ukulele is portable, inexpensive, soothing and fun. It comes in many sizes to fit the person playing it. This is why it’s the perfect choice!

The ukulele is portable

A soprano ukulele can easily fit into a backpack. In fact, I put one on the back of my road bike when I rode across Iowa a few summers ago! That way I could stop and play a song with other people whenever I wanted. You can read more about my trip here.

Because the ukulele is so portable, it easily fits in an apartment or dorm room. You can even hang it on the wall as a work of art.

The ukulele is inexpensive

You can get an entry-level ukulele for under $50-$100. And it sounds good. You can even get a water-proof ukulele for outdoor trips.

The ukulele is quiet and soothing

If you live in a dorm or apartment, having an instrument that doesn’t bother the neighbors is essential. The ukulele is a quiet instrument that you can play at any time. You will not bother anyone and you’ll increase your own happiness and joy with the beautiful sounds.

If you join a ukulele club, the ukulele is quiet enough that 30 people can all play and sing at once without painful overstimulation. (I don’t think I’d want to hear 30 trumpeters in one room at a time!)

The sound is joyful and soothing. But don’t take my word for it. Look at what Eddie and the ukulele buzz site have to say about the ukulele’s sound.

The ukulele might be small in size but the sound it produces is rich, full, and entertaining. Another reason why people like the ukulele is because of the calmness of the sound it produces. Unlike other types of instruments, the ukulele does not produce any annoying sounds. ukulelebuzz


Life is serious. Life can also be tough. Maybe you’re having a horrible day at work, perhaps burnt out, or stressed out about the bills and other stuff you’ve got to take care of. Playing the ukulele makes you smile.  Eddie

The ukulele comes in many sizes

How to choose the perfect ukulele size

You can always try another size. The soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles all tune the same to GCEA so you can easily switch from one to another. The main difference is that adult hands are often more comfortable on the tenor. Children are sometimes more comfortable on the soprano. Once you can play a little on your entry-level ukulele, try out different sizes to see which one fits you best.

Many ukulele players have more than one ukulele. They use one for traveling and one for singing and strumming. When you get more advanced you can use one for chord melody and one for playing clawhammer in a fiddle band. With the tenor and concert sizes you can get low G tuning instead of the re-entrant tuning pictured above. This makes the sound more mellow like a guitar.

Different types of ukuleles sound better in different styles of music. You’ll feel good about yourself because you keep switching instruments for different sounds. You’re playing the ukulele but with the different tunings and sounds, you can play all types of music and have fun.

The ukulele is fun

With its portability and beautiful sound, the ukulele is a ton of fun! You’ll be playing in no time and will be able to play music in all kinds of styles. If you’re not a singer, join in with other people who are. You can sing and play around a campfire and share the gift of music with everyone you care about.

When you take your ukulele to your next community get-together, you’ll be thrilled. You’ll realize why ukulele is the perfect choice, indeed.

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  1. Danielle

    I think the ukulele is supposed to be tuned G C EA, not GDEA

    • Jenny Peters

      Yes, I tune my ukuleles to GCEA, not GDEA too. I tune my violin and mandolin to GDAE. LOL

    • Karl

      Iif only violin tuning would work. Nice to play them all the same. But wait that would be an hawsin mandolin.

  2. Walter Long

    It would be nice to have a contest where the winner gets a tenor ukele

    • Jenny Peters

      That’s a fun idea. We’ve done it before. Maybe we’ll do it again. Thanks for reaching out.


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