Jenny I Got Your Number Ukulele Cover

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Here’s a fun video showing Jenny I Got Your Number ukulele cover.

Jenny Peters had a great summer bike tour trip. And of course she brought her ukulele along with her. She learned this fun 80’s pop song because her fellow bikers kept singing it to her! Tommy Tutone recorded this song in 1981. And Columbia Records released it as a single entitled 867-5309/Jenny. The song became really popular and even landed number 4 on Billboard’s Hot 100. I guess you can imagine the trend that emerged for a time because of the song. People would call the number 867-5309 and ask for “Jenny.”

These are the chords you’ll need for the song: Am, F, C, D, G and Em. Jenny tries to do a rock-band strum pattern. So check out the video to see how she does it.

If you enjoy biking and making music like Jenny, here’s another post of a more recent bike tour she joined.
Making Music on RAGBRAI 2019

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