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Ukulele Tuning

A reader asks about how to tune her ukulele. 

Here’s Jenny’s tips about ukulele tuning.

If you have any trouble with getting your ukulele in tune, you might consider buying an electric tuner like the Snark SN6 Clip-On Ukulele Tuner.





Causes of Tuning Problems

There could be one of two causes for your ukulele not staying in tune.

1. New Strings

If the ukulele is new, the strings will go out of tune at first, because they are stretching to the new pitch. It takes the strings a while to get used to that pitch and stay in tune. The strings tend to go flat (lower in pitch) if stretching out is is the cause of the problem. It usually takes about a week for new strings to adjust.

2. Tuner issues

If the problem is the tuners (the pegs that you turn to adjust the strings pitch) you can try tightening the gear mechanism of the tuners. If this is your problem the strings will not stay in pitch once you have tuned them. However, most ukuleles use a gear mechanism similar to a guitar, so the tuners tend to stay once they are tuned to the correct pitch.
Some older instruments use friction, but again, the tuners usually stay pretty well. You might also want to read our post about how to pick the right ukulele size for you. 
If the two above ideas don’t help, take the ukulele to a music store that carries guitars. Because the instruments are similar, someone will be able to help you.

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