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I just got back from Mesa, Arizona, where I attended the Arizona Music Educator’s Association Convention as a Clinician. My presentation was titled “Sing and Strum Your Way to Success: Ukulele in the Music Classroom.”

42 teachers attended the clinic and there were enough ukuleles for everyone. We went through much of the wonderful pedagogy and songs in our book, Ukulele for All.  It was thrilling to have so many beautiful voices raised in song as we strummed our ukuleles to the tune of  Frere Jacques. 

The attendees were very interested in ukulele and asked lots of questions. I really enjoyed explaining how the ukulele can be used in a school setting to teach music and have fun at the same time. 

Jenny Peters during RAGBRAI 2019

Here’s the view from my hotel room.

Music educators are fine singers. They can take a simple song and create a round as well as an instrumental verse in almost no time. It was so much fun to create community right there in a clinic in Arizona. The singing and strumming was beautiful!

I also really appreciated the beautiful weather, which is so different from winter in Chicago!

Jenny Peters making music on RAGRBRAI 2019




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