Shall We Gather at the River Ukulele Tutorial

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Learn how to play a beautiful Christian hymn with this “Shall We Gather at the River” ukulele tutorial! As with the previous videos, it includes lyrics, chords, strumming pattern and melody tab on screen.


To follow and play along to this easy ukulele tutorial, you’ll need just three chords. However, Jenny plays the song in two keys – key of C and key of G. So you’ll actually see six different chords on the video tutorial. Firstly, for the key of C – the chords are C, F and G7. Then, we have the key of G and the chords are G, C and D7. Finally, for the turnaround to shift from one key to the other, you’ll need Am, D7 and G. Strumming pattern is easy with the D-DU-D-DU repetition (D-down, U-up). Of course, Jenny also does solo ukulele in both keys for those who love playing melody tabs. 

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Robert Lowry, an American poet and hymn composer, wrote the lyrics and music of Shall We Gather at the River in 1864. He entitled it Hanson Place in reference to a Baptist church located at 88 Hanson Place in Brooklyn. Lowry was a Baptist minister and sometimes preached in this church. Nowadays, however, the song is more commonly known as Shall We Gather at the River or At the River. Moreover, a different Christian denomination now runs 88 Hanson Place. Seventh-day Adventists acquired the building in 1863. The building has since been known as the Hanson Place Seventh-day Adventist Church.


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  1. Julie Jones

    very nice.

    • Lala - Customer Support

      Thanks, Julie. Happy strumming!


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