An Easy Ukulele Song for Thanksgiving

A song for thanksgiving

A Festive Holiday

In the United States, people celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November. Thanksgiving officially starts the fall-winter Christmas season. It’s a time when grown children go home to visit parents and grandparents. Also, siblings, cousins and relatives usually get together for reunions.

With family gathered, Thanksgiving is truly the perfect time to say a prayer of thanks to our Creator.

Prayer of Thanksgiving (We Gather Together)

The Thanksgiving holidays are a great opportunity for the whole family to dine together and catch up with each other’s stories. Also, the family can sing songs and enjoy music during these times.

The Prayer of Thanksgiving, also known as We Gather Together, is a great song that the family can sing before dinner or even after. It  talks about getting together to ask the Lord’s blessing and praise Him for his steadfast love. Additionally, it ends with the fitting words “Thy name be ever praised, O Lord make us free!”

So, Jenny has made an easy ukulele tutorial of this Thanksgiving song that you can view below.

It’s almost Christmas folks!

Before then, how about mastering 21 heartwarming Christmas songs with your ukulele?

This easy to follow book coupled with video tutorials helps you to do just that.

Impress your loved ones during Christmas with your awesome uke skills as you strum out those familiar, lovely tunes.

Lead Sheet

You can download a copy of the lead sheet here to supplement the video lesson. Did you know? Historians have traced the roots of this song to the 1597 Dutch original. Hence, it is even older than the celebration of Thanksgiving holidays!

Thanksgiving Then and Now

Americans celebrated the earliest Thanksgiving holidays in the early 17th century where feasts were held in gratitude for abundant harvests or military victories.

In these modern times, let’s take time to give thanks for the love and support of families and friends, for the security and comfort that our jobs or businesses provide and for the freedom and liberty we enjoy in this country.

Have a joyful Thanksgiving, and as always happy strumming!

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  1. Lala
    Lala says:

    Thank you for your appreciation of this Thanksgiving song, George. The original Dutch version is entitled "Wilt Heden Nu Treden," and was said to have been written by Adrianus Valerius. The English version was not a direct translation of the Dutch original.


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