Hotel California Ukulele Tutorial Including Fingerpicking of Instrumental Coda

Let’s try a 70’s hit song with our new video, “Hotel California” ukulele tutorial.  The video includes a ukulele rendition of the famous guitar coda. So stick to the end to check out the cool ukulele fingerpicking part.

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We will need a total of seven chords for “Hotel California” ukulele tutorial:  Am, E7, G, D, F, C, Dm. These are fairly easy chords, all open chords with no bars needed. A couple are easy one-finger chords (Am and C).

Ukulele Chords for “Hotel California”

Jenny transposed the song to A minor because it’s easier on the ukulele. Strumming pattern follows a D-DU-UDU (D-down, U-up) arrangement.

Strumming Pattern for “Hotel California”

As previously mentioned, Jenny also plays a ukulele version of the legendary guitar solo that will surely be loved by fingerpicking enthusiasts. In 1988, readers of the British magazine “Guitarist” voted the guitar coda of “Hotel California” the best guitar solo of all time.   


The Eagles started in 1971 and became one of the best-selling bands in the world. In 2018, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) declared the Eagles’ “Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975” album the best-selling album of all time in the US. Not only that, the band also holds the third best-selling album record with their “Hotel California” album. Although the band has a lot of popular and long-standing songs including five chart-topping singles, many consider their single “Hotel California” as their most famous song.

Asylum Records released “Hotel California,” the Eagles’ sixth album, in 1976. The recording label also distributed three singles from the album. Aside from the title track “Hotel California,” “The New Kid in Town” and “Life in the Fast Lane” were also released. “Hotel California” and “The New Kid in Town” both reached number 1 in the Billboard Hot 100. Both recordings also won on the 1978 Grammy Awards. “Hotel California” won “Record of the Year” while “New Kid in Town” got “Best Arrangement for Voices”.

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