Why 21 Easy Ukulele Hymns?

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“21 Easy Ukulele Hymns” is finally available!

Finally! After much delay, we have finally launched our new book 21 Easy Ukulele Hymns in April 2020. This book will have songs ranging from 2 to 7 chords and will include many of your favorites. Each hymn will have a suggested strumming pattern with melody tab underneath. The book also comes with a FREE video course.

Many of the hymns are presented in two keys, so you can more easily play with musicians on other instruments or with a pianist in your congregation.

What are the 21 Ukulele Hymns?

Simple Gifts
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Church in the Wildwood
Shall We Gather at the River?
Fairest Lord Jesus
Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
Nearer My God to Thee
Jesus Loves Me
This Little Light of Mine
Give Me That Old Time Religion
Blest Be the Tie That Binds
How Great Thou Art
Rock of Ages
I Come to the Garden Alone
For the Beauty of the Earth
Be Thou My Vision
The Doxology
Amazing Grace (extra value song because it is in other books)
Prayer of Thanksgiving
All Things Bright and Beautiful
Be Still My Soul-Finlandia
A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Three Versions Available:

1. Ebook: You’ll get

  • the ebook in three formats ((ePub, pdf and .mobi file)
  • chord melody versions of 10 hymns not in the Amazon version.

2. Paperback book from Amazon

3. The Hymn Kit which includes:

  • eBook in three formats (ePub, pdf and .mobi file)
  • Digital Book which you can print. Includes chord melody versions of 10 hymns not in the Amazon version.
  • Bonus pdf with 12 bonus songs
    • Wayfarin’ Stranger
    • He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands
    • When the Saints Go Marching In
    • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
    • Michael Row the Boat Ashore
    • Chatter With the Angels
    • We Shall Overcome
    • Kumbaya
    • In My Heart There Rings a Melody
    • Wondrous Love
    • Eternal Father Strong to Save
    • Beautiful Robe So White

Why 21 Ukulele Hymns?

I’ve thought a lot about this question. What are some of the uses of a book of hymns for ukulele? Who will enjoy this music?

What comes to mind, is that many churches close as older members die off and newer, younger people do not join congregations. To counteract this trend, there is a need for music that will unite and excite people.  Ukulele music will bring people to church buildings to sing and to play with a joyful noise. What better than a group of hymns for the ukulele?  This music builds community by bringing together people of all ages. Churches can have ukulele choirs combining children and adults.

Folks can also use the ukulele to sing to the youngest children or to visit the elderly. Familiar hymns can make people feel connected with their community. 21 Easy Ukulele Hymns can also be used at summer music festivals and camps as a source of traditional music reimagined for the ukulele.

Do you enjoy playing and singing hymns? If so, what are some of your favorites? Do you play ukulele in your church or in a ukulele choir? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Friend

    I have been waiting for your book for months I am so glad that it is finally coming. I thought that I pre ordered this last year. I have been playpen for almost 3 years now, my goal has always been to play in church. I have not done this yet, but I hope that your new book and videos will help me do this.

    • Jenny Peters

      I’m glad you’re excited about the book! I think you will find that you will be able to play in Church. We tried to put songs into several keys so that you could choose either an “easy” ukulele key or a key that will go well with other musicians. I hope you enjoy it!

      • Lorraine Parry

        My niece is in a small community in Nfld and the church is struggling to stay open. There is no money to pay a musician. She has recently stated to learn the ukulele. As soon as your book comes out I will be ordering it for her.

  2. Kathy Branson

    I live in Norfolk, England. My parents are Plymouth Brethren and many of the hymns on your list I recall from childhood. My dad is now terminally ill and takes great comfort from me singing hymns to him. I have just taken up ukulele. How can I buy your book please?

  3. vivian

    I need very easy songs to play i have a other book of yours been
    trying for a long time to play.

    • Jenny Peters

      About half of the hymns are 3-chord songs. If you can play the C, F, and G7 chords, you can play half the songs in the Hymn Kit or Amazon book. The other songs have more chords. We also try to give you two different keys for many of the songs, so you can find a key that is comfortable for singing and maybe a different key that is comfortable for playing.

  4. Maria

    Hi! I was researching hymn books for Ukulele and saw that I could get a free sample on this page: https://ukulele.io/hymnsample

    Unfortunately, the page is not allowing me to input my email address. I would love to see a sample of this book before buying!
    Thank you,

    • Lala - Customer Support

      Hi Maria,

      Thank you for reporting the issue. We’re looking into this and will get back to you as soon as it’s resolved.


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