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Day 1: Learning the C Major Chord


Time to learn your first chord. We’ll start with the C Major chord because it is easy, but also because it is the musical center chord for the open strings of the ukulele.

Here is the chord symbol for C Major. To play it, place your left hand third finger (ring finger) in the third fret of the string closest to the floor, the A string.

Here is a video about how to play the C Major chord.

Here is a song to practice singing while strumming with the right hand and fretting the C chord with the left hand.

Use Strum #1 for this song.

Lyrics and Chord Shapes

Sheet Music


Here is an MP3 of Jenny singing and playing Are You Sleeping?


Here is an MP3 accompaniment for this song: There will be 6 stick clicks, followed by an introduction before you start playing and singing. The accompaniments will help you to get the feel of each song.



Here is a video, showing how to use the accompaniment track-i.e. knowing the key and when to come in!


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