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Tour of the Ukulele 

Watch the video below to understand the parts of the ukulele.

Here is another video about the different sizes of ukuleles.
Another thing to learn is ukulele string numbers and names.


When you first get your ukulele it will have brand new strings. New strings go out of tune a lot until they are stretched. Once they are stretched they stay in tune.

How long does it take for the strings to stretch? 2-3 days if you tune your uke every few hours, a week if you tune your uke once a day.

To tune the ukulele, it’s easiest to have a pitch to listen to as you turn the pegs. If you would like to have pitches to tune to, please visit the Easy Uke Tuner page. Be sure to pluck as you turn the peg to hear if the pitch of your string is getting closer to the reference pitch. This will also make sure that you do not break the string by turning the peg too tight.

You might find it hard to tune by just listening to a pitch and turning the peg. Lots of people love clip on digital tuners which tell you whether to tune up or down. You can get one from our ukulele store. (Full disclosure: we make a small commission if you buy from this link. The commission doesn’t affect the price you pay.)

How to strum with right hand

How to make chords with the left hand

Here is a video on basic left hand technique and how to make the chord shapes with your left hand.

Here are two videos showing the left hand fingers and where to put them on the ukulele.

The left thumb


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