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Day 4: How to Change Chords


Here is another song. To play it, you need to know two chords and how to change chords. The two chords are F major and C7. Here are their symbols.

To play this song you will need to learn how to change your hand position from one chord to another while singing and strumming at the same time. The “chord progression” (order of the chords in a song) using the F Major and C7 chords is one of the most common and basic for any type of music.

Because F Major uses two fingers, it can be hard to learn how to change all at once.

At first move only the first (index) finger from string 2 to string 1. Then move the second finger on string 4 to create the F Major chord. Here’s a video to teach you this skill.

And here’s a video of your next song, “Hush Little Baby”.

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